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How Cleaning Your Windows Enhances Energy Efficiency

How Cleaning Your Windows Enhances Energy Efficiency

Spring cleaning the windows is a great way to refresh your home's exterior and give its aesthetic a boost. Shiny window panes are great for zesting up curb appeal, but for improving HVAC performance and your home's overall efficiency, you also need to focus on window maintenance.

Why Windows Matter for Energy Efficiency

Statistics from the Department of Energy tell us that 25 to 30 percent of a home's HVAC-related energy consumption can be wasted by heat gains and losses through the windows. You can trim that percentage by cleaning and enhancing your windows' efficiency. Having more efficient windows also reduces your HVAC equipment's workload, which translates into better performance and longer component lifespan.

Tips for Enhancing Window Efficiency

Along with tackling your normal spring cleaning, try taking a few of these measures to improve your windows' efficiency:

  • Before shining and polishing the glass, inspect the windows to locate any areas of cracked/missing caulking or damaged/missing weatherstripping. To stop air leakage in these spots, remove any damaged material, then seal them with add new caulking or weatherstripping.

  • If your windows are leaking badly or in poor condition, spring is an ideal time to replace them with energy-efficient units. A less costly option is purchasing interior inserts. These acrylic or plexiglass units are made to size, so they fit tightly and prevent air leaks.

  • If your home has casement or double-hung windows, pay special attention to the tracks and moving parts when you clean. You need to remove all built-up debris in these areas so the windows close snugly and won't leak air.

  • Give your home's interior a revamp with new insulated window treatments that you can close during the day to keep out solar heat.

  • Shade your windows by adding awnings on your home's exterior and/or by planting a few strategically-placed trees.

  • Put window cleaning on your fall home maintenance list too, because squeaky-clean glass lets in more of the sun's energy, which can help warm the interior during the winter.

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