Check Your HVAC Airflow

Check Your HVAC Airflow

Getting the maximum comfort from our HVAC systems is what it's all about, but sometimes, that can be elusive. Many factors affect HVAC airflow, so whenever we feel we're not getting the best performance, it's important to single out the problem and see if it can be fixed.

Most CommonReasons for Bad Airflow

  1. A dirty furnace filter will slow down your air filter, causing your HVAC system to work harder to deliver comfort. As your unit struggles, you will be running up higher utility bills. Dirty filters can also damage your system, causing parts to wear out sooner than they would otherwise.

  2. A dense furnace filter can be a good thing for keeping out airborne particulates, but if it's too dense, your HVAC system will struggle to pull in enough return air to cool or heat your home. Make sure the filter you choose is within the manufacturer's recommendations. If you need to improve indoor air quality with a denser filter, then you may need to modify your system.

  3. All sorts of things can go wrong with your ducts over time. Ducts are generally out of sight, so you may not see when segments become disconnected, or the ducts crack, develop holes or become blocked. If ducts were not installed correctly in the first place, then they may not be delivering the proper amount of air to each room. Sometimes poor duct design results in constricted segments where air can't get through.

  4. More often than you would think, an HVAC system is installed without enough return vents -- which are the vents that pull in air so that it can be conditioned and delivered through the supply vents. Ideally, the same amount should be drawn in that is distributed, but this doesn't happen when return vents are inadequate.

  5. Ducts or vents are sometimes the wrong size. Air moves through ducts by static pressure; if ducts are too big for the volume of air, pressure will drop and not enough air will be delivered. If ducts are too small, they will restrict airflow.

For more on HVAC airflow, contact Air Assurance.