What To Do Before Turning on Your Heater

What To Do Before Turning on Your Heater

Turning on your heater is an annual event marking the start of a new season. With the hot summer behind, you’re looking forward to staying comfortable in cold weather to come. Making sure a few start-up essentials are done first can help ensure a smooth transition into the heating season. Here are some suggestions for turning on your heater in an organized procedure to make sure all parts of the system are working together.

Inspect the vent duct

Verify that the furnace connection to the vent duct is secure and the duct is intact. Go outside and look up at the vent cap where the vent duct terminates on the roof. Verify that the cap is in place and look for any signs of bird’s nests, leaves or other obstructions.

Ensure adequate clearance

Make sure no items are placed within three feet of the furnace on all sides. Flammable liquids, paints, solvents, etc, should never be stored in the same room as the furnace at all.

Install a new filter

Don’t start the heating season with a dirty filter left over from the cooling season. From now on, continue to change the furnace filter at least every other month.

Check the vents

Check supply vents in each room to verify that they’re fully open. Check return vents (or there central return if there’s only one) and make sure they’re not obstructed by furniture, drapes or other objects.

Start the furnace

Follow manufacturer’s instructions for starting up the furnace.

Feel for airflow

Check for warm airflow at every supply vent. If you don’t feel warmth from one or more vents, shut down the furnace and call for professional HVAC service.

Schedule an annual tune-up

Get professional preventive maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC technician. The service includes manufacturer-recommended maintenance procedures to ensure maximum furnace efficiency, lowest cost and reduced wear and tear. It also includes an up-close inspection of furnace components to detect and resolve any incipient problems now, before they become a major issue later.

For qualified service when it’s time for turning on your heater, contact Air Assurance.

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