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Importance of the Evaporator Coil and Its Maintenance for Your Cooling System

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The condition of the evaporator coil inside the air handler has a lot to do with the energy efficiency of your cooling system. The coil is a copper or aluminum part that carries the refrigerant the compressor sends inside. As the refrigerant goes through it, it absorbs the heat in the air that the fan blows over it.

How to Keep It Clean

When the surface of the coil is clean, it can absorb more heat, which cools your home faster. Anything you can do to keep the dust out of the air handler will help. The first line of defense is a clean filter. During the cooling and heating seasons, check the condition of the filter monthly. It’s also important to have your cooling system serviced annually by a licensed HVAC pro. The technician will inspect the coil and deep clean it as part of the tune-up.

Coils and Mold

The evaporator coil is a common place for mold growth, since there’s plenty of moisture to get a colony started. Over time, the mold or biofilm can cover the coil entirely. Not only will it slow or stop the cooling process, but it will lower your indoor air quality.

A UV (ultraviolet) light pointed at the coil will prevent anything organic from growing on the coil. Your HVAC contractor can install these affordable and energy efficient lamps that will also reduce the bacterial and viral load inside your home.

Frozen Coils

Higher energy bills and reduced air quality aren’t the only consequences of running your system with a dirty coil. If the air the fan blows over it isn’t strong enough, the coil could freeze over. If your air conditioner or heat pump doesn’t shut off, it could burn out the compressor inside the condenser and flood the area around the air handler as the ice or frost starts to melt. Both are costly to fix and are avoidable when the coil is clean.

Without a clean evaporator coil, your A/C or heat pump won’t work well. To learn more, contact Air Assurance, providing HVAC services for Broken Arrow homeowners.