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Signing an HVAC Contract? What You Need to Know Before Agreeing With Services


Are you thinking of signing a contract for HVAC maintenance, but you're leery of what it might contain? Knowing what you should expect in an HVAC contract can make a signing decision easier, and provide peace of mind that you'll receive dependable HVAC care. Here's what your contract should contain:

Covered Components

Your contract should list the specific HVAC components in your home that will be covered by the agreement.

Number of Maintenance Visits

While two visits per year is the norm, the contract should state exactly how many you'll receive.

Tasks Completed During Maintenance

It's important that a contract includes a complete list of the tasks a technician will perform on your cooling and heating systems, so you know they're being thoroughly inspected and serviced during each maintenance visit.

Beneficial Cost Savings

A detailed contract should mention the specific savings signing brings you – like the parts/labor for maintenance visits, or discounts on certain services and repairs.

Specific Exclusions

As well as stating what it includes, a contract should also specify any exclusions – such a extra fees for after hours service calls, additions for travel time, or charges for priority service.

Explanation of Labor Calculations

The contract should explain whether the company charges a set service call fee, an hourly labor rate or a combination of the two.

How Minor Repairs Are Handled

It should be clearly stated whether minor repairs will taken care of during maintenance visits (up to a certain dollar amount), or you'll receive an estimate for any needed repairs and be charged for another service call.

Scheduling Responsibility

You need to know if the contractor sends out reminders about scheduling maintenance, or if you'll need to remember to call and make an appointment.

Renewal Details

Will the maintenance agreement renew automatically, or does it expire and leave you without any preventive care coverage on a specific date?

Payment Terms

The payment terms should be clearly spelled out, along with any discount offerings or flexible payment options.

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