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How HVAC Has Changed Our Lives: HVAC Benefits

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The invention of air conditioning has changed how we live year-round. The HVAC benefits are numerous and touch nearly every facet of our lives.

How It Works

Refrigerated air conditioning relies on a chemical refrigerant that absorbs the heat in the air. Air conditioners and refrigerators use cold refrigerant to take the heat out of the air and send it elsewhere. Some air conditioners use that heat to warm swimming pools and heat water in water heaters. Refrigerators simply exhaust it into the air outside of the cooled compartment.

Its Benefits

  • If it weren’t for air conditioning, we wouldn’t have the food choices we now do year-round. Transporting fresh, perishable food would be challenging and expensive.

  • Hospitals and clinics would have to rely on harsh chemicals to control the population of infectious germs and bacteria. Air conditioning keeps these buildings cooler and safer.

  • Air conditioning makes summers in the southern states livable. Although millions before us lived without A/C, life is so much better with it. People sleep better in a cool house and it makes everyday living much more enjoyable.

  • People with respiratory issues get plenty of HVAC benefits from the filtered air. Forced-air HVAC systems use an air filter to trap airborne particles that would otherwise harm the system. People benefit by breathing filtered, cleaner air. The pollen count, dust and dander loads are lower when the system runs routinely.

  • Cooling systems remove humidity as a beneficial byproduct. Lower humidity in the summer promotes comfort and better health.

  • A/C makes sports and exercise comfortable. It’s possible to enjoy a trip to the gym in July or go to a football game in Phoenix in September with the air conditioning running.

  • Kids learn better in cool places. Instead of focusing on how uncomfortable they are, children learn better and faster when their classrooms are held at reasonable temperatures year-round. The same is true of people who have indoor jobs.

The HVAC benefits you get from air conditioning are indisputable. To make sure yours gives you efficient comfort throughout the summer, contact Air Assurance, providing HVAC services for Broken Arrow homeowners.