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HVAC Considerations for Hosting Fall Get-togethers

HVAC Considerations for Hosting Fall Get-togethers

When the seasons change, the possibilities for fall parties abound. Be it a fall harvest festival or Halloween costume party, a football-watching marathon or a German-themed Oktoberfest, you'll want to decorate in style. But in addition to decorations, you'll also want to ensure your guests enjoy maximum comfort during the party. Large gatherings of people can create sometimes stuffy conditions, so be prepared to make some adjustments to your home's temperature.Here are some HVAC considerations that could impact your fall party:

Adjusting the Temperature

Even when it's a bit chilly outdoors, you may find an indoor gathering can generate quite a bit of heat, so be judicious about turning the thermostat up. In fact, you might even have to turn on the air conditioner and some fans to keep things comfy. The last thing you want is guests sweating beneath their makeup and costumes at your Halloween costume party.You've probably also been cooking away the day of the party, so be mindful about how your oven has raised the temperature.

Air Quality

Cooking large quantities of food will not only raise the temperature, but could also diminish the air quality in your home by contributing to higher humidity and odors. Higher humidity will make your home feel warmer. You may need to crack windows and run some fans to improve ventilation if you don't have a dedicated ventilation system.Be sure to change your air filter; a good quality filter will help your air conditioner do a better job of dehumidifying the home. Portable dehumidifiers can help, but a whole-home model will work even better to lower damp conditions.Consider installing a whole-house air cleaner, or even a portable model, to improve air quality. Gas-phased air filters will help diminish odors from many substances, including cigarette smoke.

Whether you use the A/C or it's cold enough to run the furnace, schedule maintenance by an HVAC tech prior to the party so the system is running right for your event.

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