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Good Ductwork Design: Some Guidelines

The way the ductwork in your house is designed is as important as the way it's built. You may not have thought about it, but good ductwork design can make a noticeable difference in your energy bills. Badly designed ductwork won't work efficiently, and it can wear out your HVAC system by making it work harder than it should. You'll also have trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. 

Good Ductwork Design: Some Guidelines

Guidelines for good ductwork design:

  • The ducts should be located inside the air conditioned or heated part of the house. Ducts in the non-conditioned areas will work less efficiently. When it's necessary to install a duct in the attic or crawlspace, use an insulation with a higher rating than required. This is also important when your home has a variable-speed furnace and air conditioner.

  • All the joints between ducts need to be fastened together mechanically. They also need to be sealed with mastic (a type of putty) and fiberglass mesh. The installation crew should also check for air leakage after the install and confirm it doesn't exceed five percent of the total air flow rate.

  • Hard ductwork is preferred over flexible styles. If you're retrofitting an older house, you may need to use flexible ductwork, but it's less efficient than hard ducts and easier to damage. It's also hard to install and seal correctly.

  • Dampers (the device inside the duct that regulates airflow) work better when they're installed closer to the end of the duct instead of near the supply register. This allows you, or the installer, to more accurately balance the system. The dampers also need to be fixed in position after balancing.

  • Supply outlets (the vents that supply conditioned air) should be on interior walls so the heated or cooled air has less distance to travel.

  • If you have a larger two-story house, think about installing two separate heating and cooling systems with separate ductwork. Two systems, along with good ductwork design, will work more efficiently in two-story or large homes.

If you're building a new home, and need quality ductwork design, contact Air Assurance in Broken Arrow.

Our goal is to help educate our customers in the Tulsa and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma area about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). 

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Five Steps To Maintain Ducts And Keep Them Contaminant-Free

While duct cleaning is the most thorough way to remedy contaminated ductwork, you can perform simple duct maintenance to minimize contamination and help ensure that the air you breathe is as clean as possible. Here are the top five ways to maintain your air ducts and prevent dirt from entering the system.

  1. Give the filters some attention. Never go without filters, and ensure that no gaps exist to allow unfiltered air to enter your system. Your heating and cooling systems most likely have a filter efficiency recommendation that you should heed. Change your air conditioning filter regularly throughout the seasons . If your filters become clogged faster due to pets or smoking, change the filters more regularly.

  2. Have your heating and cooling systems maintained by a professional. As an added duct maintenance effort, ask the service provider to clean the cooling coils and drain pans.

  3. Seal off ductwork during renovation projects. Construction within the walls of your home produces a great deal of dust, so it’s important to seal off the ductwork in the areas that the construction is taking place. Also refrain from operating your HVAC system until all the dust has been cleaned up.

  4. Dust and vacuum your home regularly. Vacuum first with a cleaner featuring a HEPA filter. A little while later, after the dust has settled from the activity, clean the horizontal surfaces in your home to help remove dust that could later be sucked into your ductwork.

  5. Run your humidifier as recommended by the manufacturer. Whole-home humidification is useful for maintaining a comfortable interior during the dry winter, but it should be operated correctly for proper duct maintenance.

These five tips are important for maintaining a contaminant-free duct system and keeping the air you breathe in your home as clean as possible. For more duct maintenance tips, please contact Air Assurancetoday.Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. Visit our website to see our current promotions and get started today!     

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Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A Geothermal Unit To Heat And Cool Your Home

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider Using A Geothermal Unit To Heat And Cool Your Home

If you are tired of dealing with rising power costs, noisy heating systems and frequent furnace breakdowns, the answer to your problems could be hidden right beneath your feet. By taking advantage of the stable temperatures found just beneath the surface of the earth, geothermal heat pumps provide one of the most reliable, energy efficient heating and cooling solutions.Some of the main benefits of geothermal systems include the following:

  1. Quieter operation. Standard heat pumps and air conditioners rely on noisy outdoor condenser units. Geothermal systems, on the other hand, don't require outdoor units, allowing them to heat and cool your home with far less noise than their traditional counterparts.

  2. Improved energy efficiency. Rather than burning fuel, these systems extract the heat that is found naturally in the ground, making them one of the most energy efficient heating and cooling options available.

  3. Better for the environment. Geothermal heating and cooling systems do not give off greenhouse gases, making them one of the most eco-friendly choices for environmentally conscious homeowners and businesses.

  4. Longer lifespan, less maintenance. These systems have a much longer lifespan than conventional furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners, meaning that they will need to be replaced less often. Not only that, but because they have very few moving parts, they are also less prone to breakdowns than other types of heating and cooling equipment.

  5. Improved safety. Unlike typical furnaces, geothermal heat pumps don’t give off harmful gases like carbon monoxide, making them a much safer option for you and your loved ones.

  6. Lower power bills. These units consume far less power than traditional heating and cooling methods, making them a good choice for lowering your power costs. In fact, despite their relatively high installation costs, one of these systems can easily pay for itself through energy savings over just a few short years.

If you live in eastern Oklahoma and would like to learn more about how installing one of these systems can save you money and improve the comfort of your home, please contact us at Air Assurance.Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems). Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. Visit our websiteto see our current promotionsand get started today!      Photo courtesy ofShutterstock.

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Keep On Top Of Your Preventive Maintenance, And Your Heating And Cooling System Won't Let You Down

There’s no better way to compromise the efficiency of your heating and cooling system than to neglect routine professional maintenance. Without preventive maintenance, you run the risk of small adjustments and repairs turning into costly emergency repairs and replacements.Even if you manage to avoid a system shutdown, an inefficient system means increased energy costs over the long term. That’s why we recommend scheduling preventive maintenance annually for both your heating and cooling systems.Different aspects of your system will be addressed during cooling- and heating-specific preventive maintenance calls. For example, during a cooling-specific maintenance check, our technicians address:

  • Condenser Coils – Dirty coils can compromise efficiency and system lifespan. Our technicians will remove any dirt and debris.

  • Refrigerant – If your system has a leak or was improperly charged upon installation, our technicians will ensure that refrigerant levels are charged to manufacturer specifications.

  • Air blower – Adjustments will be made to ensure maximum airflow throughout your home.

During heating-specific service, our technicians address:

  • Combustion chamber – Carbon buildup will be removed and your chamber will be evaluated for potential damage or corrosion.

  • Flue pipe – Adjustments will be made to ensure the efficiency of your barometric damper and your flue pipe will be inspected for damage.

  • Burner – Burners will be examined to ensure efficient operation.

Many aspects of your system are addressed during both preventive maintenance calls, including:

  • Air filters – Dirty and clogged filters can affect airflow and air quality. These will be replaced.

  • Condensate drains – Blockages will be removed to prevent water leakage that can affect humidity and damage the structure of your home.

  • Electrical components – These will be tightened and evaluated for safe operation.

  • Motor lubrication – Without lubrication, unnecessary friction can occur in the motor, compromising system efficiency and increasing energy costs.

  • System controls – Controls are evaluated to ensure safe operation and efficient system cycling.

  • Thermostat – Settings will be tested for accuracy.

These are just a few of the important issues our NATE-certified technicians address during an in-depth preventive maintenance check. If you've been neglecting your system, don't wait until it shuts down completely. Contact Air Assurance for an expert consultation. Call us today!Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For more information, click here. Air Assurance services Tulsa, Broken Arrow and the surrounding areas. To get started, check out our website or see our current promotions.