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Throw a Birthday Bash with These Party Considerations in Mind

Throw a Birthday Bash with These Party Considerations in Mind

When you think about hosting a birthday party, what do you consider? Providing food, music, decorations, etc. for your guests. But there are other party considerations that people tend to overlook, particularly when it comes to your HVAC system.If your guests are too cold, or too hot, it can ruin an otherwise joyous occasion. So if you're hosting a party, here are a few preparations you should make first, to make sure your house is comfortable and inviting, and that the birthday is a happy one.

Get an Inspection

It would be a a disaster if your HVAC system suddenly stopped working in the middle of your party. That's why important to have an HVAC technician inspect your system annually, to make sure your home is being heated and cooled as it should be.If you haven't done it yet this season, schedule an inspection for a few days before the party. Your HVAC technician will fix or replace any parts that are causing problems, oil your motor, check your thermostat settings, and make sure everything is in good working order when your guests arrive.

Other Party Considerations

Check and see what the humidity is scheduled to be like around the time of the event. If it's high, try running the HVAC system for a day or two beforehand, to dehumidify your home. On the other hand, if humidity is already low, running your system could make things too dry, giving your guests cracked skin and fostering viruses and bacteria - which, in a house full of people, could lead to a whole lot of illness spreading quickly. In fact, you might even consider getting a small humidifier, to counteract your HVAC's dehumidifying effects.On the day of the party, be sure to turn on your HVAC system a few hours before everyone arrives. Set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and give the system time to condition the whole house, so it's pleasant and comfortable when the first guests arrive.

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