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Solve Last Summer's A/C Problems Prior to This Year's Cooling Season

Solve Last Summer's A/C Problems Prior to This Year's Cooling Season

Solve Last Summer's A/C Problems Prior to This Year's Cooling Season

Before it gets hot in Tulsa, it's a good idea to prepare your A/C for the cooling season. For you, this may mean addressing an issue that developed last year but wasn't serious enough to cause a breakdown. If the issue continues to go unresolved, this could be the summer your A/C fails. It's best to get in touch with your trusted A/C professional and schedule a tune-up and maintenance check. So what are some of the problems that can undermine A/C operation? Here are a few:

  • Fan and compressor controls can wear out. Wiring and terminals can also become corroded. Your HVAC tech will check the controls during your tune-up and clean and tighten the wiring and terminals.

  • The refrigerant charge can be incorrect. This can severely impede your air conditioner's performance. Your HVAC tech will measure the refrigerant and correct any deficiency. He'll also check for refrigerant leaks.

  • The air filter can become clogged. Change the air filter at the start of the cooling season, and check it regularly after that. Change it as soon as it looks dirty, as a clogged filter can severely restrict airflow.

  • The condensate drain can become clogged. Your HVAC tech will check it during your tune-up. But you should check it, as well, throughout the cooling season.

  • It could be that your air conditioning issue has nothing to do with your cooling system, but with your ductwork instead. Your HVAC tech should check for any leaks in your duct system and repair them as needed. Alternatively, check your ducts yourself and make the necessary repairs, using mastic and mesh. While you're at it, check all your registers, and make sure they're free of obstructions.

For quality assistance in solving last summer's A/C problems before the start of this year's cooling season, contact Air Assurance.  We've been serving homeowners in Broken Arrow and greater Tulsa since 1985.

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