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Are Your Ducts Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside Your Home?

Are Your Ducts Tight Enough to Keep Heat Inside Your Home?

Most people know how to locate their furnace. Fewer people know where to find heating ducts or how to tell if they are working properly. Unfortunately, without basic knowledge about the HVAC system, recognizing problems can be difficult. Here are some signs that your ducts could be in need of routine care or repairs:

  • Uneven heating or cooling

  • Unexpected increases in heating costs

  • Frequent shaking or rattling noises

  • High-pitched or "whooshing" sound

When the HVAC system is working properly, cool air is brought to the furnace to be heated, then the warmed air is sent back through tight ducts to heat your home. However, if air is having trouble moving through the ductwork, the problems may be caused by blocked ducts. Blocked ductwork can also cause noises or create hot and cold spots. Leaks also make it hard to warm your home evenly.

If you suspect problems, first check that none of the registers are blocked by furniture, then move on to looking for a solution to your heating problems. While you can compare temperatures in different areas of the house or other very basic tests, a technician is required to perform most tests. HVAC experts look for air leaks, determine whether the ducts are the correct size for your living space, and check to see if you have tight ducts or if they need repair.Many people believe that repairs can easily be done with duct tape, but this does not give secure results. For reliable, long lasting repairs, a technician should always be consulted. Professionals replace unusable segments of ductwork and use high quality, durable supplies such as sheet metal screws, mastic, joint collars, metal tape, and fiberglass to repair less seriously damaged parts of the ductwork.

Air Assurance has been taking care of HVAC systems in homes and businesses in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma since 1985. If you have any concerns about whether your tight ducts will keep you warm this winter, call us today!

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