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Consider Installing Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home

Consider Installing Ductless Mini Splits in Your Home

A central HVAC system is the most common way to keep a home comfortable year-round, but it’s not always feasible, especially in older homes without pre-existing ductwork. A ductless mini split system could be a solution to this problem, offering unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.

How Ductless Systems Keep Your Home Warm

A ductless mini split system uses the same technology that makes it possible for central HVAC systems to provide reliable warmth to your living spaces. Ductless heat pumps pull latent heat from outdoor air and transfer that heat into your home.Ductless heat pumps can also be paired with radiant panels, hydronic and other supplemental heating systems for those periods when temperatures drop below freezing.

Reasons to Consider Installing One

Ductless systems are ideal in cases where installing a duct system for a central HVAC system would either be cost prohibitive or simply impossible. Older homes and small apartments can definitely benefit from having a ductless system installed, since there’s no ductwork needed.

Ductless systems also offer better security than window-mounted air conditioner units. Instead of having an A/C unit occupy an entire window, a ductless air handler only needs a small hole for its plumbing to pass through. This removes a rather common entry point for burglars.Last but not least, most ductless heating and cooling systems are easier and less expensive to install than a traditional central HVAC system. Ductless systems also use less energy, translating into big savings for homeowners.

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