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How to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency

How to Increase Air Conditioner Efficiency | Air Assurance

A high-efficiency air conditioner keeps your home cool while at the same time using less energy and costing you less money. Over time, however, issues can develop that decrease air conditioner efficiency and drive up your cooling costs. Here are a few steps you can take to boost A/C efficiency, reduce energy usage, and trim your monthly bills.

  • Have preventive maintenance performed — A preventive maintenance check-up gives your trusted HVAC professional to opportunity to inspect your cooling system from end to end. He will make adjustments and minor repairs that will increase efficiency and performance quality. Maintenance should be done at least once a year, usually in the springtime before cooling season sets in.

  • Change air filters — Dirty, clogged air filters can restrict the air flow your cooling system needs to work properly and at its best level of efficiency. Check filter condition at least once a month. Put new, fresh filters in when the old ones get dirty.

  • Cut down on heat gain Heat gain is the accumulation of heat inside your home from external sources. These include sunshine coming through windows, heat from appliances, and heat radiating downward from a hot attic. To avoid sunshine, close drapes and curtains. Avoid running ovens and clothes dryers at the hottest times of day. Make sure your attic is well ventilated and insulated to keep it cool.

  • Use a programmable thermostat Programmable thermostats help you get the best efficiency from your air conditioner. Use pre-programmed set points to control when the air conditioner turns off and on. Program the thermostat to reduce cooling when you're not at home, such as during the workday, then automatically increase cooling to make your living spaces comfortable when you get back.

  • Seal ductwork to stop air leaks — Make sure ductwork connections are fitted tightly together and that they are sealed with mastic or metal tape.

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