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What the "Feels Like" Temperature Means For Your Home

What the "Feels Like" Temperature Means For Your Home

Great home climate control means more than having a powerful furnace or air conditioner. Other factors influence the "feels like" temperature and the comfort of all residents in the home. Here is more information about those variables and tips for improving your home's climate.


Humidity has a very direct effect on the "feels like" temperature. In order to understand why the apparent temperature is often different from the actual temperature, it is helpful to understand how humidity affects us.

High humidity makes temperatures feel warmer. This is because perspiration, which cools the body through evaporation, evaporates only slowly when the air is already heavy with moisture. Alternatively, when humidity is low, perspiration evaporates rapidly and you feel cooler.With this in mind, you will feel more comfortable by reducing home humidity levels in summer. A properly working air conditioner will reduce humidity levels to an extent. However, during the dog days of summer when humidity starts to soar, an air conditioner might not be enough for this purpose. When this happens, consider adding a dehumidifier. Dehumidifying the home can quickly make the "feels like" temperature several degrees cooler.

In winter, the same holds true regarding the warming affect of higher humidity. As humidity levels fall, you will feel chillier. By adding humidity to your home in winter, you will feel warmer and might be able to save a bit on heating costs.

Fans and Drafts

Flowing air is another factor that affects how you feel in your home. When air moves across your skin, it removes heat from your skin’s surface and you feel cooler. The principal is the same as the wind chill factor you’ve heard about on cold and breezy winter days. In summer, you will feel cooler when a fan is running and, in winter, you might feel overly cold in a drafty room. This, paired with your home’s humidity level, has a big influence on the apparent temperature in your home.

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