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Should You Change Your Air Filter More Frequently in the Summer?

Should You Change Your Air Filter More Frequently in the Summer? | Air Assurance

Summer brings substantial heat and humidity to our area, and that means air conditioners get a good workout. You probably know you should change your air filter to keep things running well, but you might hear different opinions on how often. Here are reasons you should play closer attention to the filter in summer and avoid letting it get too dirty.

When the HVAC System Works Harder, Filters Collect Dust Faster

Hot weather plays a big role on how frequently you will need to change your air filter. The more your air conditioner has to run, the more air blows through the filter. When more air is moving through the filter, greater amounts of particulates get trapped.Unless Oklahoma has an unusually cool and dry summer, which is very rare, then chances are you will be using your air conditioner a lot and it will work hard to keep your home comfortable. This means you should check your air filter every month during the season, even if you don’t think you will need to change it.

How Often to Change the Filter

Many air filters, especially the low cost ones, will need to be changed every month during summer. You will be able to see very quickly how much dust it has already collected.Thick, pleated filters can sometimes last longer without needing to be replaced, but you should still check them every month and avoid going longer than 3 months without replacing them. The only exception to this is if the manufacturer or your HVAC technician specifically states otherwise.

Why Dirty Filters are Harmful

One of the primary problems with dirty filters is they restrict the volume of air getting through. This places a burden on the air handler and in turn takes a toll on the entire system. Soiled filters can also lead to:

  • Frozen coils

  • Dirty ducts

  • Worsening allergies

  • Higher energy bills — the restricted airflow makes your air conditioner cycle more and expend more effort.

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