Signs That Your Ductwork is Getting Too Old

Signs That Your Ductwork is Getting Too Old

Your ductwork isn't out in plain view, so you may not think of it often or realize that its age can directly affect how well your HVAC system functions. Old ductwork that's deteriorating can gradually erode your HVAC system's energy efficiency, reduce your comfort and even degrade the air quality in your home. Once you know what to look for, it's easy to spot the signs that your aging ducts may need replacement.

Signs That Your Old Ducts Need Replacement

Here are a few of the indicators that aging ductwork is a problem in your home:

  • Ineffective design. Ducts that were installed 15 or more years ago often have serious design flaws. Nowadays, HVAC system installers design ductwork using Manual D calculations so that the duct sizes and layout are optimized to ensure balanced airflow throughout the system.

  • Increasing energy consumption. A rise in your household energy bills when your usage habits haven't changed and you keep the HVAC equipment well maintained may be directly related to energy losses from deteriorating ducts.

  • Evidence of decay or damage. Although you can't examine ductwork behind your walls and ceilings, you can assess the overall condition of the ducts by checking accessible sections in the attic, garage or crawlspace. Issues to look for include holes and gaps in the ductwork, crushed or disconnected sections, corroded metal and a lack of insulation.

  • Declining air quality. If the return side of your duct system is suffering from age-related deterioration, all kinds of harmful and unhealthy particles can be drawn into the HVAC system and pollute your air supply. If anyone in the household is experiencing worsening allergies, asthma or other breathing problems, the duct system should be inspected.

  • Comfort issues. If you're dealing with temperature inconsistencies and hot or cold spots in different rooms, poor overall ductwork design, leaks and deterioration may be impacting how much heated or cooled air reaches the registers.

If you're concerned that old ductwork may be negatively affecting comfort, air quality and energy efficiency in your Broken Arrow home, contact us at Air Assurance for an expert duct system inspection.

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