How to Heat Cold Rooms Quickly

How to Heat Cold Rooms Quickly

No one enjoys being in a cold room during the winter, but getting warmed up can often be a bit of a chore. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you heat cold rooms quickly without costing you a lot of money:

Check the Registers

You might be surprised at how often a cold room is due to something simple, such as a register that is either closed or blocked. If this is happening in your home, then rooms aren't being given a chance to warm up, so be sure that each register is open and that nothing is impeding their airflow.

Replace the Heating System's Air Filter

The job of a system's air filter is to stop pollutants from reentering your home. This filter gets clogged up over time, which negatively impacts its effectiveness. Check the filter each month and replace it whenever it's too dirty.

Install a Radiant Floor Heating System

The installation of a radiant floor heating system is relatively easy, so you have the choice of tackling it yourself or calling an HVAC technician to do the work. These systems are usually placed beneath tile flooring but can be used with other types of flooring as well.

Check the Ductwork Dampers

The job of ductwork dampers is to manage airflow during the season. These dampers must be adjusted accordingly to coincide with the season. If you haven't already done so, take a look at them and adjust them, if needed. This is likely to heat up even your coldest rooms if this is the problem.

Utilize Duct-Booster Fans

Duct-booster fans are small fans that attach to your registers in a forced-air setup to increase the flow of heated air within the room. This can be a highly effective, and yet inexpensive, way to quickly heat up each room they're used in.

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