Heating Options for Older Homes

Heating Options for Older Homes

Heating old homes can be a challenging experience, especially if you want to use the latest in heating and cooling system technology. Older homes simply weren’t built with newer central furnace systems in mind. So here are a few alternatives to consider for heating old homes.

Mini-Duct Forced Air

One option to explore for heating old homes is the mini-duct forced air unit. True to its name, this system relies on small, flexible tubing that can be run through walls and framing with minimal impact. To make up for the relatively small tubing, mini-duct forced air systems rely on high-velocity air handlers to push conditioned air through.Mini-duct forced air systems were once known for being noisy compared to other types, but recent advances in system design plus the use of sound-attenuating materials have helped significantly reduce noise levels.

Ductless Mini-Split

If you can’t find any suitable places to run flexible tubing, then you may want to consider going ductless. Ductless mini-split heat pumps offer excellent heating performance and energy efficiency without the need for ducting.A typical ductless, mini-split system consists of a single outdoor compressor and multiple indoor air handlers that are usually wall-mounted. The only real downside is that the design of the indoor air handler may clash aesthetically with some older homes.

Fireplace Insert

Another option involves installing an insert within your existing fireplace. Inserts come in wood-burning, gas and electric varieties, with many electric inserts offering faux flames to simulate the look and feel of your original fireplace. Gas and wood-burning inserts offer guaranteed heat

Radiant Heat

Another good choice for heating old homes effectively and efficiently is radiant under-floor heating. This type of heating system comes in electric and hydronic forms - the former using electric mats and the latter using hot water through PEX tubing. Both offer an unobtrusive and innovative way of keeping an older home warm.

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