When You Should Use a Ductless, Mini-Split System

When You Should Use a Ductless, Mini-Split System

If you’re planning to add livable space to your home, you might find that ductless mini-split systems are the perfect way to heat and cool it. A mini-split refers to an air conditioner or heat pump that works just like a central system minus the ductwork.

Mini-splits work well for:

  • Add-on rooms.

  • Attic or basement retrofits.

  • Garages and workshops.

  • Stand-alone buildings.

They provide the same level of comfort as central systems do, often with better efficiency. They also solve problems associated with remodeling projects where the ductwork won’t fit easily or the existing HVAC system can’t be extended.

Besides remarkable comfort, mini-splits offer more advantages, like:

  • Easy installation. These systems come complete from the factory, where the refrigerant is installed. A mini-split heat pump or air conditioner has an indoor air handler and an outdoor condenser. A flexible conduit contains the refrigerant line, the wiring and a drain line.When installing a mini-split, the technician has to drill a hole for the conduit, position the air handler and condenser, and connect the two. There is no ductwork to install and seal to deliver the conditioned air.

  • High energy efficiency. Mini-split systems exceed the energy efficiency of central systems because there are no thermal or air leaks through ductwork. They often have upgraded features that increase their efficiency even more.

When not to use a mini-split:

As advantageous as mini-splits are, they don’t work in every situation. Homes with lots of hallways and interior doors will block the free circulation of air from a mini-split. They’re also more expensive per ton than central systems. If you’re remodeling and need a new HVAC system, it might make more financial sense to install new equipment for the whole house than invest in a mini-split for a small space.

As you move forward with the addition or retrofit, exploring the benefits of mini-split systems will ensure your long term comfort and satisfaction. To learn more, contact Air Assurance, providing trusted HVAC services for Broken Arrow homeowners.

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