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HVAC Problems: Normal or Not?

HVAC Problems: Normal or Not?

Your HVAC system is comprised of complicated equipment, so it can be hard to know if a developing issue is really a cause for concern, or the equipment is operating normally. To help you determine when expert help is needed, here's some guidance on common HVAC problems that should raise a red flag:

New Sounds

Some HVAC noise is completely normal, like a humming outdoor compressor, a whirring blower fan, or the whoosh of air traveling through the ducting. If startling new sounds like clanking, rattling, hissing or shrill screeching occur, it deserves attention before costly component damage occurs.

Condensate Leaks

Heat pumps and air conditioners pull water from the air when they're cooling, but it should drain away unseen through the system's condensate drain. If you discover a puddle of water below or near the air handler unit, there's likely a blockage or other problem with the condensate drain system. To minimize the risk of water backups that result in interior damage, call your HVAC pro for help.

Excess Humidity

If your home always seems too hot and sticky, and you're seeing more mold growth in the bathrooms, it's wise to have an HVAC technician assess your system. If your cooling equipment isn't dehumidifying properly because of its age or capacity, you may be advised to upgrade.

Bigger Energy Bills

If your utility company increases its rates, or your normal consumption increases, you expect to see bigger energy bills, but an increase for no obvious reason may point to a problem with your HVAC. A technician may discover that it's caused by an age-related drop in your equipment's efficiency, dirty cooling coils, a low refrigerant level, or leaky ductwork.

Odd Odors

Normally, you shouldn't notice any odor in the conditioned air coming from your HVAC vents. If you detect a dirty sock, acetone or acrid, burnt scent, it needs further investigation because there may be mold or algae growth, a refrigerant leak, or arcing/overheating electrical components within your HVAC system.

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