Why You Should Leave Customer Reviews for Your HVAC Contractor

Why You Should Leave Customer Reviews for Your HVAC Contractor

In this brave new world of social media, no business owner can afford to ignore online customer reviews. That includes HVAC contractors, who are responsible for seeing expensive installations and repairs of some of the most sophisticated equipment in your home. Those contractors need to know when a customer is satisfied on all fronts and when there's room for improvement.

Sites such as Yelp, Angie's List, Houzz and Nextdoor are leading the way in providing consumers with a forum to rate their experience in HVAC, and much more. In turn these sites help businesses get a sense of how they can fine-tune customer service. So if you've never thought about giving your HVAC company a boost after a satisfactory experience, maybe you should. Here are some additional reasons why you might want to opt in and write a customer review for your HVAC contractor.

1. Good reviews can boost sales.

Good reviews give consumers the information they need to decide on a product or service. Customers want to compare the experiences of other customers, to ensure they are making the right decision before they commit to a contractor.

2. Improve service.

Online reviews help your HVAC contractor do a better job, resolving any issues you might have had in a forthright and positive way. There's never anything wrong with constructive criticism. It's always helpful to keep the discourse courteous, and forego the snarky and snide. If your experience was horrific enough to warrant trashing the contractor, then you need to speak to him before you get to the review stage, and see if you can resolve the issue satisfactorily.

3. Boost rankings.

The more your HVAC company gets mentioned on these sites, the higher their search engine ranking.

4. Boost keyword content.

Online reviews help a business's website maintain an influx of SEO (search engine optimization) keywords, so the business has a more prominent online presence. You're helping other customers find your preferred HVAC company.

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