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Keeping Bugs Out of Your System This Summer

Keeping Bugs Out of Your System This Summer

Pesky bugs showing up around your house? Here are some quick tips that you can implement right now to avoid bugs in HVAC equipment.

Change the Air Filter

While there's a good chance that you know how a clogged air filter can impede the flow of air and affect the efficiency of your HVAC system, you may not be aware that it can also cause a moisture build-up. This moisture becomes an attractive spot for bugs, which is one more reason why you should change the filter on a regular basis.

Seal the Home's Ductwork

Over time, our home's ductwork becomes stressed from contstant use, causing tears and holes to appear. This is how insects are able to get inside your ductwork, which then leads them to the HVAC equipment itself. Foil tape and sealant are all you need to solve this problem, but if you need professional assistance, don't be afraid to ask.

Clean Up Around the Outdoor Unit

All types of insects, including bees and wasps, have been known to invade an HVAC system's outoor unit. Many of these little creatures are attracted by vegetation, debris, and moisture surrounding the system. Your best bet is to keep the area clean and free of vegetation approximately two feet in all directions around the unit.

Call an Exterminator

It's always a good idea to call a pest control expert on a regular basis to keep bugs out of your home. Insects are a nuisance, and no matter where they hole up - whether it's in your HVAC equipment or someplace else - an infestation can be damaging to your home itself. This is especially true if the area you live in is known to be a haven for the tiny creatures. 

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