HVAC-Inspired Costumes for the Whole Family

HVAC-Inspired Costumes for the Whole Family

Before long, neighborhoods will be teeming with ghouls, superheroes, cartoon characters, and all other sorts of wacky and amazing Halloween costumes. But, did you realize that HVAC-inspired costumes are often easy to put together and can really stand out in a crowd? Here are a few of our favorites for this year:

HVAC Worker Costumes

You have two routes you can take here. First, you can play it straight and dress up as a service technician, plumber, electrician, etc. The second choice is to get a little more inventive. For instance, you could use a ton of hairspray and go as an electrocuted electrician orsplatter yourself with brown paint and go as a plumber who's experienced a sewer backup (gross, we know... but funny, right?). Plus, you could add a little flare and scare by using make-up to create a zombie look for the costume.

Dryer Vent Costumes

Who would've thought that your dryer vent could give you so many options for Halloween costumes? You can use them as the arms and legs of an awesome looking robot, fashion them into the mechanical arms of Dr. Octopus, create your own Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz, or go all out and celebrate the holiday as Slinky from Toy Story.

Fortnite Costume Accessories

This year, costumes based on the insanely popular video game Fortnite are likely to be everywhere. A big part of the game concerns weapons used against your opponents, but fake guns are so yesterday. Instead, we suggest that you use a plunger to create either the clinger weapon or the game's grappling hook (you can easily Google what they look like). Just be sure that you purchase a new plunger for the costume. We definitely don't want kids running around outside with one taken from a toilet.For more expert advice on HVAC-inspired Halloween costumes or any home comfort topics, contact the professionals at Air Assurance. We've been serving the needs of Broken Arrow and the surrounding area for more than 30 years.

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