Ideal Indoor Heating for Homes with Pets

Ideal Indoor Heating for Homes with Pets

Most of us set the thermostat to suit ourselves, without much thought about what's good for those furry creatures we share our homes with. But over the years you've had indoor pets, you may have noticed that some animals are more sensitive than others to temperature.Here are some things to think about this winter when it comes to indoor heating and your pets.

No Ideal Thermostat Setting

Although a range of 65-78 degrees is best for most humans, if you have a sensitive animal you may have to make some adjustments.In general, dogs are fine with cooler temperatures than those preferred by cats. Some cat breeds, such as Siamese and those with thin or no hair, are extremely sensitive to chills. Some dogs, too, such as small breeds with thin coats, may shiver at the lower end of that range. Be sure to provide such pets with blankets and/or space heaters to help them stay warm if you keep your home on the cooler side.Larger breeds of dogs and cats, as well as pets with more body fat, also tolerate cooler temperatures better than smaller animals.Very young pets, elderly pets and pets with special medical conditions, such as infections and joint issues, may do better with warmer temperatures.Also, be sensitive to the fact that air conditioning and heating can dry out the interior of the home. While drier air may be good for some pets, do monitor the condition of your pet's coat for excessive drying and flaking. You might need to adjust for a little more humidity if this happens, or else add some supplements to the pet's diet for its skin.

Home Alone

If you must leave your pets alone for extended periods, make arrangements to have someone drop in daily to ensure the HVAC system is working fine and the pets are not in any distress. It's a good idea to schedule maintenance on the system before you leave home.

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