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Preventative Maintenance

Your Go-To Fall Maintenance Checklist

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Now that the summer season is over and the kids are back in school, you may be wondering what's next for your household. Well, like any responsible homeowner, it's time to fill out that fall maintenance to-do list. Here are a few of our favorite tasks:

Set an Appointment with Your Technician

If you want to improve the performance of your HVAC system while also prolonging its operational lifespan, set up an appointment with a technician. He or she will check to make sure that everything is running smoothly, perform maintenance on the unit, and inform you of any problems.

Clean Your Floor and Ceiling Fans

Using your floor and ceiling fans is a great way to save energy and money by giving your HVAC equipment a bit of a rest. Just keep in mind that dust has possibly accumulated during the months prior to the season, so you should definitely wipe them down so that the dust doesn't spread and clog up your air.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

Once your HVAC system’s air filter has been clogged up with debris, harmful particulates can enter your air and your equipment won’t work as efficiently. Check your filter every 30 days and replace it as necessary for the best results.

Seal Cracks and Gaps Around the Home

For small problem areas, such as around your doors and windows, use caulking or weather-stripping to prevent air leakage. Bigger problems, such as gaps large enough where a rodent could get through, can be covered up with heavy-duty hardware cloth.

Unblock Your Registers

Many households experience a lot of activity over the summer, so it’s easy for registers to become blocked by boxes, furniture, or other such items. Take the time to go around to each register and make sure nothing is impeding its airflow. Also check to see that the registers are open and clear of dust and debris inside.

If you have any other questions about fall maintenance or home comfort needs, then the professionals at Air Assurance can help. We've been serving Broken Arrow and the surrounding area since 1985.