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It's Almost Off Season for Your Air Conditioner. Here's How to Get it Ready


When the sweltering Oklahoma summer finally winds down, it is time to start getting the home ready for cooler weather. At the top of your fall home maintenance list, make sure you include preparing your air conditioner for the off-season.Here is how to care for your A/C during fall and winter so it runs well next spring.

Have it Checked

Schedule a maintenance visit from your HVAC technician , who can check for any problems that might have developed over the summer. This gives you extra time to schedule repairs during the cold months when you don’t need to use the air conditioner.

Change the Filters

Leaving dirty filters in the system allows mold growth and potential airflow issues. Don’t forget to change all of the air filters. This is one of the easiest maintenance tasks for the homeowner, but it is also commonly forgotten.

Clean the Coils

Dirty coils can lead to serious problems such as frozen coils, which can cause the air conditioner to stop working. To clean the coils yourself, you will need coil cleaner and a special fin brush. Remember to turn off all power to the A/C system before doing these maintenance tasks. Alternatively, ask a technician to clean the air conditioner for you.

Clean Around the Outdoor Unit

Leaves, dirt and other debris collecting around or on top of the unit attract mold and pests, invite rust, and obstruct airflow. Turn off the air conditioner and brush away all of this debris. You can use your garden hose to rinse off excess dirt and debris as well.Rake the ground around the unit and trim all grass or bushes nearby. Fall leaves will probably continue to collect around the unit, so consider this cleanup as an ongoing task.

Cover the Outdoor Unit

Cover the outside unit with an A/C cover when it is no longer in use. This protects it from winter storms.For more about getting your home’s air conditioning system ready for the off-season, please contact us at Air Assurance today.

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