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Is There a Humidity Problem in Your Home?

Is There a Humidity Problem in Your Home?

A little humidity can be a good thing, but having excess moisture in your Broken Arrow home can lead to a variety of issues. Not only does it make your home feel damp and clammy, but it can also trigger a host of allergy and asthma symptoms due to increased mold and mildew growth. If left unchecked, it could even lead to structural problems in your home.

Ways to Spot Moisture Problems

If you happen to spot the following, then it’s likely you’re looking at an excess moisture problem in your home:

  • Excessive condensation on glass doors, windows and walls

  • Peeling paint, visible moisture spots and/or cracks on walls

  • Visible mold and mildew growth on walls and other surfaces

  • Frequent allergy symptoms or respiratory issues

How to Deal with Excess Humidity

Now that you’ve discovered the problem, it’s time to deal with the underlying cause. These helpful tips can go a long way towards dealing with your home moisture problem once and for all:

  • Increase your home’s ventilation – Make sure your home has enough flow-through ventilation to help carry away humid air. You may need to improve your home’s attic ventilation or even invest in a specialized ventilation system.

  • Curtail moisture-creating activities – Bathing and cooking can easily raise humidity levels, so steps should be taken to reduce that source of moisture. Start by cutting back your showering or bathing time. Keep your pots and pans covered while you cook and always use your range and bathroom exhaust fans while cooking and bathing.

  • Invest in a dehumidifier – Unlike air conditioners, dehumidifiers are dedicated full-time towards removing excess moisture from indoor air. Portable and whole-house dehumidifiers are available for dealing with localized and house-wide moisture problems.

Contact the experts at Air Assurance and learn more ways you can spot humidity before it becomes a serious problem in your Broken Arrow home.

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