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What’s the Difference Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning?

What’s the Difference Between Air Filtration and Air Cleaning?

The winter is generally too cold to open the windows and fill the house with fresh air. The air inside your home will recirculate through the HVAC system and eventually the indoor air quality will suffer. In order to handle this problem, consider the different benefits air filtration and air cleaning can provide for your home.

Air Filtration

When the house is sealed, the air repeatedly circulates through the HVAC system. Every time that it is heated, a small deposit of dirt is left on the furnace, which can cause the furnace to run less efficiently or become damaged. The holes in standard filters are spacious enough to permit air to flow easily but small enough to catch most particles of dirt.

If allergies are a serious concern, a standard filter don’t help to clean allergens from the air. High-rated MERV filters have tiny holes to trap allergens but the improved air filtration comes with a high price. The increased workload for the furnace will cause a steep increase to your heat bill.

Air Cleaning

Air cleaners can keep your furnace clean without increasing your heating bill. They also remove up to 99 percent of the dust, mold spores, pollen, dander and other particles that make your family sick.

Which One is Right?

If the furnace is your main concern, an air filtration system will take care of it nicely. On the other hand, if you have family with asthma or allergies, a high-rated MERV filter or an air cleaning system would probably be a better choice for you.

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