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Ductless Systems are Perfect for Home Additions

Ductless Systems are Perfect for Home Additions

When adding a new addition to your home, one of the most important considerations is how to most efficiently heat and cool this new space. In this situation, a ductless system can play a superior role. Here is how.

What is a Ductless System?

Ductless heating and cooling systems, sometimes called mini-split systems, consist of an outdoor condenser and an indoor unit containing the evaporator and air handler. A refrigerant line and cables connect the two units through a hole in an exterior wall.Ductless systems operate similarly to central air. The biggest difference is that there is no need for ductwork. Refrigerant travels from the compressor to the indoor unit, which is usually mounted on an exterior wall. In the cooling mode, as air circulates through the indoor unit it moves over the evaporator coils and loses heat. The cooled air is then blown directly into the room.

Why it's Perfect for Additions

When you add a new space to your home, the heating and cooling load automatically changes. This means that the current HVAC system will lose efficiency if you simply extend ductwork to the new space. Buying a brand new, larger HVAC system just because you have added new area to your home can be very costly. A mini-split system is a more efficient and a less expensive option, especially if you account for the extra ductwork you would otherwise need, the heating and cooling load calculations that would need to be performed and the price of installing a new whole-home system.A mini-split system is also easy to install and easily customized to meet the requirements of new additions. Each comes with its own thermostat so you can adjust the heating or cooling according to the particular needs of the new space. In addition, each outdoor unit of a mini-split can support several indoor air handlers. If you add more rooms later on, you don’t have to purchase full mini-split systems each time.

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