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Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing

Keep Your Air Conditioner From Freezing

As hot as it gets in Broken Arrow in the summertime, your air conditioner can still freeze. If it's never happened to you before, it's a good idea to know what to do, in case you can fix the problem yourself. Even if you have to call for help, you will know what to do to limit damage until a technician arrives. Knowing a bit about how a frozen air conditioner occurs can also help you prevent this happening so that you're not sweltering on a hot summer day.

Change Your Air Filter

It may just sound too simple to be true, but a dirty air filter can actually cause your air conditioner to freeze by blocking air flow. The dirt buildup on the air filter can prevent an adequate amount of air from passing over the evaporator coil, so that the condensation on the coil can freeze.If you can't remember to check and change your air filter regularly, set yourself reminders on your computer or schedule maintenance with your HVAC consultant regularly a couple of times during cooling season to make sure your A/C is running right.

Improper Refrigerant Charge

Another reason for scheduling regular maintenance is to check the refrigerant charge for proper levels. Low levels may mean you have a leak, and a low refrigerant charge can cause your A/C to freeze up.

What to Do When the A/C Freezes

If your A/C isn't cooling properly and you find ice on the evaporator coils, turn the system off. Check the filter and change it, but allow the ice to defrost before you turn it back on. (You can turn on just the fan to speed up the procedure.) As the ice melts, check the drain pan under the evaporator coil to make sure it doesn't over flow.If the system still won't cool, call a licensed HVAC company. Only licensed technicians should handle refrigerant.

To learn more about dealing with a frozen air conditioner, contact Air Assurance. We offer exceptional service and customer satisfaction in Broken Arrow and the surrounding area.

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